Water-soluble Garment Bags

From today we use for our new products and collection soluble plastic free garment bags to protect our Ocean.

INVISIBLE bags are made out of water- soluble materials - Polyvinyl Alcohol (known as PVA) together with plant- based starch.

This material is safe, environmentally friendly, colourless, non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable, marine & wildlife safe, and dissolves in water completely.

This material is commonly used in several industries, such as medical and personal care applications, laundry and detergent packets, and agricultural films. Today, Distinctive Action provides #INVISIBLEBAG to general use as an alternative solution to replace the conventional plastics. 

We partner with Distinctive Action who aims to influence not only industries but also individuals with their brand to reduce the environmental footprint. Besides the business activity, they want to create a community where we can massively promote our message to the public, creating awareness and exhorting people for positive environmental change.

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